First Tracks

19 01 2010

Welcome to my new (and first) blog. I started it hoping it would provide a productive outlet for my curiousity about mountains:  mountains in popular culture, public policy, and private enterprise; their people, plants, and animals, past, present and future; current events and cutting-edge research. Mountains.

Hopefully this can become a platform for communication and collaboration between people of all sorts for whom mountains are of special appeal or interest. Whether you live, work, play, or just dream in the mountains, there will be something here for you.

It will take me some time (weeks? months?) to figure this blogging stuff out and get a routine down, but eventually I’d like this to be a weekly or bi-weekly sort of thing. In the meantime feel free to send me comments/questions.  I’d like to get  a “links” and “recommended reading” section up soon, so suggestions for those are encouraged.

I leave you with a link to a blog post that, three lines in, had me considering dropping out of school and moving to Antarctica. I’m pretty sure there’s a few others out there who can relate to the opening line “Mind surfing mountains has always been a favorite past time for me…” Enjoy.

Jeremy Jones’ Antarctica Fantasy Lines





One response

6 12 2015
Neil slack

Looks like a lot off work went into this quite impressed.

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