Chamonix slidecast

1 04 2010

Landscape is a powerful thing. It can be the fertile soil of “home” in which we take root, or the greener pastures that inspire so much travel, day-dreaming, and restlessness.

No landscape has affected me quite like the peaks and glaciers surrounding Chamonix, France. It was here–where mountain guides become mayors, and Frankenstein’s Monster chased solitude–that I first felt how deeply the land can shape a people (and the lengths people will go in attempts to re-shape it). That’s why when the good folks at NiCHE announced a slidecast competition last fall, it was a no-brainer that Chamonix would be my muse. It also helped that my brother visited me in France and took a bunch of pretty pictures. I was very excited when I found out that the combination of his images with my words was awarded first prize. Here is the result:

NiCHE (the Network in Canadian History and Environment) is an organization that has done excellent work in supporting and promoting  the study of environmental history, historical geography, and related fields in Canada. I’d like to thank NiCHE for organizing this competition, as well as several other events where I had the pleasure of participating and which will certainly be discussed in future posts.




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