Place and Placelessness Conference CFP

27 06 2010

I should have done this a while ago, but since there’s still a few weeks left to apply, I guess late is better than never. The NiCHE New Scholars Committee is organizing an “un-conference” this fall for graduate students of environmental history, historical geography, and related fields.

Basically, submitted papers will be distributed and read a few weeks before the conference and then on October 1st and 2nd the participants will take part in a series of Skype conference calls to discuss the works, offer advice, and discuss ongoing developments within our field. You don’t have to submit a paper to participate, but papers are still being accepted.

The online venue will keep the conference’s costs and carbon footprint to a minimum (ie – free, and negligible). The conference format itself is an experiment, so all participants are encouraged to evaluate and comment on its undergoings, helping us to develop this as a viable alternative to traditional conferences.

To ensure smooth sailing, all participants will be given a FREE Skype headset. Oh, and there’s a field trip.

For more info, and to apply, please visit the conference website.

***Please note*** The deadline for all applications – presenters and participants – is July 16th, not June 30th, as marked on the poster.




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