Deep Summer slideshow

1 08 2011

My new job at the Whistler Museum has given me the opportunity to work on a bunch of interesting projects. For one, I’ve been contributing weekly content to  the new site Whistler Is Awesome (part of a network of “_____ Is Awesome” sites).  This week’s post is the second half of a profile I wrote about pioneer local ski-mountaineer Pip Brock; a longer version with more photo content can be found on the Whistler Museum’s own blog, Whistorical.

Writing for WIAwesome led to the opportunity to produce a slideshow to be screened during the intermission of the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, one of the marquee events of Whistler’s annual Crankwork mountain bike festival. Deep Summer was, as always, an amazing show and I was really excited to have my work shown during the event (click here to see the top 3 shows from Deep Summer).

The Whistler Museum doesn’t have many mountain biking photographs in our archives (something we intend on rectifying in the future), so I decided to put a show together featuring a selection of the great summer mountaineering photos we have. This seemingly simple task  was more work than I expected, but I’m not going to complain about a few days of sitting at my desk listening to a great song and looking at beautiful old mountaineering photos.

Check it out:



3 responses

18 02 2012
derek sullivan

SUPER COOL. Thanks for the show! I was especially excited to see the image that appears at 1:01, a darkend figure pointing to the mountains in the distance; as I have this print hanging on my wall! I always thought that the photo was take by Charles Townsend. Is this correct? Where can I find more information on Mr. Townsend?

20 02 2012

Hey Derek,
Thanks for the comments. The image at 1:01 is from the Neal Carter collection that I wrote about in another post. The figure is indeed Charles Townsend, and the image was taken somewhere in the Whistler Mountain/Musical Bumps area.
Where did you get the print?! I’m pretty sure the North Vancouver Archives also possess a copy of the image as part of the BCMC collection.

20 02 2012

Regarding Townsend info: There’s very little published stuff out there, but he features fairly prominently in stories the old BCMC journals, as well as in the aforementioned BCMC collection in North Van.

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