Curriculum Vitae

Jeff Slack


M.A., (History), University of Northern British Columbia, 2010

MA-Thesis: “The Repeated Discoveries of the Coast Mountains, 1858-1937,” (2010 projected completion). Supervisor: Dr. Ted Binnema.

B.A., (History), University of British Columbia / Concordia University, 2006.

D.E.C., (Liberal Arts), Heritage College CEGEP, 2001.

Graduated with academic distinction

Integrative Project: “The False Promise of Utopia in Post-Enlightenment Europe: History, Literature & Film.”


–         NiCHE Environmental History Slidecast Competition, 1st place. $1000 (2009). Entry title: “Through a Glacier, Darkly: Landscape and Culture in Chamonix, France.”

–         UNBC Research Travel Grant. $750 (2009).

–         Heritage College Millenium+1 Graduating Essay Competition, 1st place. $300 (2001).


–          “‘The Spirit of Adventure, the Lure of the Beautiful, and the Service of Science’: Scientific Fieldwork in Garibaldi Provincial Park, 1910-1942,” paper presented at the UNBC Graduate Studies Conference, Prince George, British Columbia, on 30 March 2010.

–          “Place-making in the Coast Mountain Range, 1904-1942,” poster presented at the UNBC Graduate Studies Conference, Prince George, British Columbia, on 30-31 March 2010.

–           “Vancouver’s ‘Alpine Playground’ and the ‘Mystery Mountain’: British Columbia’s Discovery of the Coast Mountains Through Newspapers, 1904-1939,” paper presented at the Qualicum History Conference, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, on 31 January 2010.


–          Guest Lecture: “Ethnicity, Space, and the State in Northern British Columbia 1860-1930,” HIST 407 (Gender, Ethnicity, and Class at Barkerville). UNBC Summer 2009, Professor Jacqueline Holler.


–          Teaching Assistant: HIST 190 (The West and the World until 1660). UNBC Autumn 2009, Professor Jacqueline Holler.

–          Teaching Assistant: HIST 110 (Indigena). UNBC Winter 2009, Professor: Dr. Ted Binnema.


–          Participant: University of British Columbia/NiCHE “Reaching a Popular Audience” Workshop, March 2010.

–          Blog: Mountain Nerd,, started January 2010.

–          Research Assistant: Bill Glover (Independent Researcher); 1975 Asbestos Miners Wildcat Strike, Cassiar, BC. December 2009.

–          Participant: University of Alberta/NiCHE Banff National Park Research Trip, March 2009.

–         Volunteer: Salmon Forks Archaeological Survey, August 2007.

Director Timothy Light: Chief Archaeologist, Flathead National Forest, Montana


–          Fluent (written, read and spoken): English and French


My primary research interest lies in the comparative and interdisciplinary study of mountain environments, particularly the relationship between cultural landscapes and public policy. In the future I also hope to work in the development of online networks and other resources which facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in mountain studies, and the communication of mountain research to the public-at-large.


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