Alpamayo, Peru. “The World’s Most Beautiful Mountain.”


Mountains evoke a wide variety of responses: wonder, terror, euphoria, but rarely indifference. This blog is inspired by the inherent power of mountain landscapes, but its curiousity is sustained by the amazing cultural and environmental diversity that one finds in the Earth’s high places. While any and all mountain regions may be discussed, the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, which I call home, will inevitably draw the most coverage.

Refuge Albert 1er, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France.


Although Jeff Slack grew up in the humble lowlands of southwestern Quebec, Canada, he was introduced to the glorious heights of the nearby Gatineau Hills at a young age. Following his older brother, he dropped his skis for a snowboard at age 9 and soon began cursing his parents for not raising him in the real mountains “out west.” Virtually his entire adult life has been split between ski towns, studying history in universities, and trying to reconcile these two worlds. .

Feel free to comment directly to the articles, or direct inquiries can be sent to: jeff[dot]free[dot]slack[at]gmail[dot]com


One response

15 10 2013

Great stuff which overlaps some of my mixed interest between geography. history and skiing… although my degrees in geography didn’t touch at any skiing, expect maybe for a term paper. I’m exploring how through my own blog, the field that I didn’t over 20 years ago.

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